Consciously crafted dinnerware

We provide a simple and beautiful solution to style your table and entertain your guests.
Our plates are 100% Natural, 100% Biodegradable, 100% Non-toxic

Our commitment to sustainability

At Patra®, we have a deep passion for sustainable, eco-friendly tableware.
We take pride in doing our part in making everyday sustainable living possible.

What makes Patra special

  • 100% Natural

    Made from naturally fallen leaves, Patra®’s dinnerware collection is completely organic and free from chemicals.

  • Environment friendly

    Being bio-degradable and backyard compostable, our plates are the preferred choice for a greener planet.

  • Sturdy & leak-proof

    Our plates and bowls are water-resistant and can hold liquids for long durations. They are perfect for all food types such as salads, soups and ice-cream.