At Patra®, we believe that making a conscious choice in everyday living, such as choosing natural dinnerware alternatives, can go a long way in reducing the impact on our environment and promote sustainable living.

Patra®’s entire dinnerware collection is made from Areca palm leaves. The palm trees used to make the plates aren't cut down, instead the leaves are all collected from the forest floor. These fallen leaves are washed, dried and heat pressed to mould them into our chic and elegant dinnerware collection. The entire process is completely natural and chemical-free

In addition to this environmentally conscious production method, these durable palm leaf plates are also 100% biodegradable and compostable, making them the greenest disposable plates available.

So next time you’re throwing a big event—forget the the flimsy paper or unrecyclable plastic dishes and go palm plate instead!

Woman dominated work culture

At Patra, we aim to achieve gender equality and empower women. 75% of our employees at our manufacturing unit in India are women. Empoweing women is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

Why Patra ?

  • 100% Natural

    Made from naturally fallen leaves, Patra®’s dinnerware collection is completely organic and free from chemicals.

  • Earth-friendly

    Being bio-degradable and backyard compostable, our plates are the preferred choice for a greener planet.

  • Sturdy & leak-proof

    Our plates and bowls are water-resistant and can hold liquids for long durations. They are perfect for all food types such as salads, soups and ice-cream.

  • Microwave & oven safe

    Areca plates are heat-resistant and are strong enough to be used in the microwave/oven without altering the taste of food.